Matt and Kim on filming “It’s okay” in addition to their partnership
Matt and Kim on filming “It’s okay” in addition to their partnership

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SheKnows swept up with indie-pop duo Matt and Kim during their trip remain in Phoenix, Arizona. The couple provided us the dirty details on shooting “It’s okay,” performing at super Music event, life on the highway as one or two plus.

“We’re in-betweentwo globes”

SheKnows trapped with indie-pop duo Matt and Kim in their concert tour stay in Phoenix, Arizona. The happy couple provided us the filthy information on filming “It’s Alright,” performing at super musical Festival, life on the highway as several and a lot more.

Known for their own infectious onstage fuel and weird songs movies, Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino make a reputation on their own because the electricity few making swells in indie, pop music and digital songs planets. Four records and six numerous years of touring later on, they’ve shared the period with rings including punk group Against Me! and indie-rock foursome enthusiasm Pit to DJ serves Tiesto and Avicii.

We involved because of the duo backstage in Phoenix, Arizona, and additionally they dished on sets from their own upcoming show at extra Audio Festival and their desired collection to spending every waking second along on the way.

On Ultra tunes event and dancing people

SheKnows: you have got some interesting concerts springing up, including extra Audio event. How might it think become in the selection alongside some of the best electronic party sounds acts around?

Matt Johnson: Soon, we’re likely to be in Miami for super sounds event, and is mainly electric party sounds. It’s amusing, we hold getting requested, “Are you anxious?” because we’re a live group ? live drums, vocals, vocal, everything. But, in the end, in which we always seem sensible try anywhere the dance celebration are.

Kim Schifino: Our concerts are not concerts where someone stand or sway; it gets quite insane. We perform many things in our sets that can protect some rap paths, or end for the second to possess a dance celebration to a Baauer song. In my opinion it match effectively, and I imagine it’s gonna be exciting.

MJ: i usually believes it's funny, one of the first assists ever got using this punk band Against Me! and people would state, “You’re as well electronic for that; people are planning hate you thereon journey!” However it generated awareness; when people head out, they boogie, they mosh, they crowd surf ? that’s exactly what a Matt & Kim show is similar to. It really implies we easily fit into a lot more spots. Really the only location we don’t suit is when folk get and stare at their unique programs to hear audio.

KS: Yeah, a sit-down site? Not a way.

On their desired lineup for an event

SK: Let’s become the tables. If you were producing your personal festival, what can your dream collection become?

KS: Beyonc?, Kanye Western and Jay-Z.

MJ: Japanther, Japanther’s there; woman Talk, who’s always one of my favorite shows; and Dan Deacon.

KS: That would be a very great event. We ought to access it that!

MJ: Coming 2014: Jay-Z, Kanye Western, Beyonc?, Japanther, Female Chat and Dan Deacon.

KS: are we able to get on they, also? I do want to get on they!

MJ: And Matt and Kim! We’re headlining that.

On which makes the Matt and Kim market therefore bada

MJ: element of what separates the Matt & Kim audience was we really try making the entire building know they’re all a portion of the program. Individuals usually say, “You’re only two people. How Will You propose so much fuel?” Therefore we state we’re perhaps not two different people; we’re 2,002 anyone. Therefore We always try making many light when you look at the other countries in the room, so we all feed off both.”

On being in a relationship — on the road

KS: i shall say, in a partnership traveling, we get along fantastic. But for some factor, this finally trip, I’ve been obtaining the craziest desires where Matt’s cheating on me personally. Or we’re split up but still best friends. it is truly weird; I think there’s anything making use of coach.

MJ: i do believe there’s a gas leak from inside the bed room. But, it is fascinating. There’s no separation within individual existence plus the professional lifestyle. We invest every awakening second of every time together. The actual only real circumstances we’re apart is during breaks as soon as we visit our very own group’s houses.

KS: I would personally state, outside of the 12 months, we’re aside 5 days.

MJ: in just about any additional connection I would personally are typically in, we'd has slain each other, in like devastating, awful tips.

KS: this is from the beginning when Matt and I began internet dating, we weren’t a band; we had been creating ways projects together, film work, and now we actually work really collectively, and we need similar information. We bounce a few ideas off of each other better. I feel adore it could well be difficult when we are usually butting minds, but it’ll resemble he’ll state anything, and I was similar, “That’s genius!” Or, sometimes he’ll point out that my strategies is genius, nevertheless’s not that often.

On filming the songs movie for “It’s Alright”

SK: And happened to be one of these simple information the bed choreography of “It’s Alright”? How performed that come when it comes to?

KS: Yeah, that is another exemplory instance of Matt being a genius may be the “It’s okay” movie. Matt arises challenging video tips — really, several.

MJ: We thought we’d discover [the choreography] rapid, just a couple of two-hour rehearsals. It had been six or 7 days of six-hour rehearsals, and then we recorded they in one time, which I performedn’t consider would ever exercise.

KS: inside videos, there’s certainly some that gets actual, and Matt have excessively unpleasant.

MJ: whenever she claims “gets actual,” it is only probably eight seconds associated with the movie, therefore was actually in fact my tip to simply look-up a novel of gender moves, and in addition we shot like 30 sexual spots; but by No. 25, and we’re here with a 15-person crew, and we’re in [positions] like Bumper automobiles or Ear Muffs or…

KS: hello, many that staff had gotten set that nights.

MJ: But I understood we simply was required to get through they. I’m more comfortable with me, but I happened to be flipping somewhat reddish.

What’s beingshown to people there for Matt and Kim?

MJ: The traveling simply does not quit. Next six months approximately, lots of festivals we’re stoked up about. I simply love that there’s the two elements of what we should carry out. We like playing concerts and we love traveling; and therefore’s everything we comprise according to before we even generated an album — we were touring. But once you’ve started on the road for some time, you can just attend one room and work out sounds. It’s just this type of yet another life style. Then, after you’ve been residence, and you’re on it while need nowadays, then you will take a trip once more. The 2 side really balance each other around.

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